Marriott Residences

Marriott Residences Aida, a modern residential complex, offers stunning views of AIDA, the Trump International Golf Course, and the Muscat coastline. With elegant design, bright garden villas, and sleek apartments, it combines luxury and relaxation. Amenities include an infinity pool, fitness center, and 24/7 security, making it the pinnacle of 21st-century living.

Starting at 327,000$ USD

 Purchase directly from the developer, without brokerage fees!

Enjoy the benefit of 0% interest on your payment plan

5-year payment plan!

Marriott Residences Aida offers a great investment opportunity that allows you to earn a good return on rent. You also have the option to sell the property and earn capital gains, even during the development period, once you have paid at least 40% to the developer company.


Secure your unit with an initial down payment.


1% Monthly - For 60 Months


Final Installment on Month 61st


VAT: 5% (of each instalment) and Registration fee: 3% (due on completion)

Modern lifestyle

What does the Marriott Residences Aida project offer?

Elevated Living at 130 Meters

Indulge in the luxury of bright garden villas and sleek apartments, each offering stunning views from the serenity of 130 meters above sea level.

Cliff-edge Infinity Pool

Take a dip in the pool with a view, perched on the edge, offering breathtaking vistas.

State-of-the-Art Gym

Stay fit in a modern fitness center equipped with the latest equipment.

Golf Haven: 1.8M Sqm with Trump Club Access

Experience luxury living with every purchase including free membership at the sprawling Trump Golf Club.

24/7 Security

Peace of mind with round-the-clock security ensuring your safety.

Panoramic Views

Wake up to incredible views of AIDA, the golf course, and the Muscat coastline.

Marriott Residences Aida, a vibrant residential complex, consists of two remarkable buildings, one soaring 7 stories high and the other reaching 9 stories. Drawing inspiration from its breathtaking surroundings, this development seamlessly blends curvaceous shapes with straight forms to create an architectural marvel.

Situated in Oman’s AIDA, Yiti, and Yenkit regions, it offers panoramic views of AIDA, the Trump International Golf Course, and the pristine Muscat coastline. Residents can enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows framing these breathtaking vistas.

With its luxurious design, garden villas, and sleek apartments, Marriott Residences Aida redefines modern living. Amenities include a cliff-edge infinity pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and 24/7 security, providing residents with an unparalleled living experience.

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Quality community

Elevated Living at Marriott Residences

  •  Complete Furnishing for Convenience
  • Convenient Access to Main Roads
  • Serene Green Spaces with Stunning Views
  • Developed by a Highly Reputed Developer
  • Attractive and Flexible Payment Plan
  • Additional Visitor Parking for Added Convenience

4 Years Until the Key Handover!

1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments

Various options to choose from




Easy access to all points in Dubai

Short distance to all possible destinations

Dubai Marina

20 minutes by car

Burj Khalifa

20 minutes by car

Global Village

20 minutes by car

Dubai Airport

30 minutes by car

Aida is a perfect place for families and tourists

Aida, Muscat, Oman, is a remarkable location set within a vast 3.5 million sqm masterplan. It features an 18-hole golf course managed by the Trump Organization, making it a golfer’s paradise. Perched 130m above the Gulf of Oman, Aida offers breathtaking panoramic views from every angle.

This mixed-use development combines hotels, retail spaces, residential areas, and more, providing a diverse and vibrant community. Aida is cocooned in natural splendor, surrounded by the sea, picturesque valleys, dramatic cliffs, scenic hilltops, and the tranquil shore, making it a truly enchanting place to call home.

Location on the map

High return potential!

How can you make a profit from investing in the project?

Rental income

A quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with parks and shopping areas will always attract families, couples, and individuals looking to rent a apartment or villas for the long term. You can use a property management company to take care of all the maintenance and management. You just have to sit back and relax.

Resale after key delivery

The demand for waterfront residences in Oman is continually on the rise. This presents an excellent opportunity for property investors to capitalize on, with the potential for significant returns upon property handover.

Flip deal

The developer company allows you to sell the property during its development phase after paying 40%. You don't have to wait for the development to be completed in September 2027. You can sell it after a year for a higher price.

Investment for living in Oman

Investing in property in Oman not only offers a high standard of living, low crime rate, and numerous opportunities for workers and business people, but it also comes with significant visa benefits. Initially, with the first payment on a property, investors can open a bank account in Oman and are eligible for a multi-entry visa. This facilitates easier travel and financial transactions within the country. Once the property handover is complete, investors can then obtain a lifetime renewable residency visa, further solidifying their ties to Oman and enhancing their ability to fully enjoy and participate in the opportunities the country has to offer.

Full guidance from a professional agent throughout the purchase process

An easy and swift
purchasing process!

#1 Choosing the Right Unit
We help you select the best unit in the project based on your budget. Whether it's a 1-3-bedroom apartment or villas, floor level, view direction, building layout, or area size – securing a unit with optimal parameters ensures maximum future returns.
#2 Reserving the Unit
Send us a photo of your passport to reserve the unit for 24 hours. During this time, you can make an initial payment to continue holding your unit until the contract is signed. It's recommended to pay using a credit card through the link will provide you.
#3 Signing the Online Contract
You'll receive an email from developer with a link to the online contract. You can sign it remotely, even without coming to Oman. Later, you'll receive another message with the fully signed contract, which you can download and save.
#4 Making the Down Payment
Transfer the 10% + VAT down payment minus the initial payment (if paid). Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, credit card, or with the assistance of specialized payment transfer companies. We have experience and solutions to make the payment process smoother for you.
First Step
Second Step
Third Step
Fourth Step

Payment Solutions Selection

Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer to Aida project Escrow account.

Credit Card Payment

Payment via credit card through the link provided by developer.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Transfer of payment using digital currencies.

Interest-Free Payments for 5 Years

Payment Plan

Down Payment
2 Installment
3 Installment
4 Installment
5 Installment
6 Installment
7 Installment
8 Installment
20% + 3% registration fee
100% Completion
Within 3 months of booking date
Within 9 months of booking date
Within 15 months of booking date
Within 21 months of booking date
Within 27 months of booking date
Within 33 months of booking date
Within 39 months of booking date
September 2027

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About The Developer


DarGlobal, founded in 2017, stands at the forefront of the luxury real estate market, driven by an unwavering belief in the enduring value of opulence. They’ve redefined luxury living by seamlessly blending experience and innovation. Renowned architects and celebrated design icons craft their homes, ensuring the use of premium materials and expert maintenance.

DarGlobal pioneers the discovery of prestigious locations, offering exclusive investment opportunities. Their commitment to timeless luxury and impeccable quality has earned them a distinguished clientele, solidifying their status as a leading force in the global luxury real estate arena. With DarGlobal, luxury isn’t just an investment; it’s an enduring legacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a property, you pay a one-time fee of 3% registration tax on handover. You do not pay any taxes on profits when you decide to sell the property. The entire return on the property’s appreciation is yours!

Several payment options are available for purchasing a property in the Aida project. You can pay in cash, use cryptocurrencies, credit cards, or make a bank transfer. In Oman, there is no limit on the amount of cash, and there is no need to declare the source of the funds. Important: the payment goes directly to the construction company and not through the real estate agent!

The funds you transfer to the construction company are held in an escrow account with bank support, ensuring the safety of investors’ funds until the property is delivered. In Oman, there are strict government oversight, control, and enforcement mechanisms in place to fully protect investors’ funds. You do not need to open a bank account or get involved in the matter as everything is handled by the construction company.

No, there is no need. In Oman, there is a uniform property purchase contract for all construction companies, which cannot be changed.

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